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About Us

At Best from the Cascades, we are pleased to present you with a carefully selected collection of the finest iconic, interesting, special, quirky and just plain good products that have been caught & processed, grown, produced or designed in Oregon and Washington.   We are focusing on unique and interesting niches of products from local producers that reflect the lifestyle, natural beauty and quality that make the Pacific Northwest special.

Our goal is to help increase demand for products from small and mid-sized companies in our region.

Small and mid-sized producers of consumer products are typically very good at making their product, but not good at marketing themselves on the internet.  When they join large web marketplaces, or launch their own websites, they often get lost in the clutter unless they have developed a large and loyal following.  As a result, many wonderful products go begging. We hope to help by creating an efficient one-stop shop for finding many different kinds of products from artisans and smaller companies across the Pacific Northwest…at about the same prices the producers themselves offer the products.

If you go to one of the web superstores, if you don’t already know the products you are buying, you have very few ways to find out about what makes one product better than another, or how buying it can help the community it comes from.

We believe that by showcasing the products in a single place, sharing the stories of the people and places that make the product special, and letting you know why we love it that you will be better able to find special, interesting, quirky or just plain good products from our region!

We offer a very wide selection!  Where else can you find gift baskets, seafood, flower bulbs, chocolates, Alpaca Yarns and Christmas Trees by mail (to name just a few things) in a single web store!

After confirming each product as being from the Pacific Northwest, we evaluate each product to make sure it meets our high standards for overall quality, taste, product consistency, design, and function. 

Products are considered From the Cascades if the majority of the value added to the final product comes from a company headquartered in Oregon or Washington, creates jobs in the Pacific Northwest and the product was caught or processed, grown, made or designed by a company based in the pacific northwest.

All of our products are shipped directly to you from the producers.  As a result, sometimes your order may come in multiple packages from different locations.

We represent both well known and loved brands that have achieved scale on their own, as well as small and mid-sized producers that have the need to get their quality products to market and to create jobs in our local communities. We will mentor our producers to help them succeed and grow with us. We will strive to find the most special, unique and interesting products.

The Best from the Cascades team is passionate about serving our customers and supporting our producer partners. We take pride in our customer service and commitment to quality products. 

Why do we care?  Why should you?

Creating jobs - By having all of our products fulfilled directly from the producers to you, we are creating jobs in rural communities across the region.

Containing sprawl - Some years ago, I heard Katy Coba (now the head of the Oregon Department of Agriculture) give a talk about technological innovation in agriculture in Oregon.  In it, she pointed out that one of the goals of the State’s Agriculture Department was to make agriculture more profitable in Oregon.  In this way, they would reduce the pressure on the state to allow the urban growth boundaries to be expanded.  This rang a bell for me.  It was a goal I could buy into!   I love the effect the urban growth boundaries have had, maintaining the natural beauty of our state, containing sprawl, making it possible to be out in the country with a very short drive, and forcing the reuse of land within the urban growth boundaries.   I hope that by helping to create demand for consumer products from across our region we can make a contribution to this effort!

So, if you believe in supporting small and midsized producers, if you love to find unique and interesting products to try, if you like the idea of keeping the pacific northwest beautiful by containing sprawl, or if you just want to see the little guy win... I hope you will support this effort!



Seth Miller