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Butte Creek Mill Destroyed by Fire

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Christmas was a sad day in Eagle Point, Oregon.  Only months after losing his wife to lung cancer, Butte Creek Mill owner Bob Russell lost his historic mill to a fire which totally destroyed the only remaining commercially-operating, water- powered mill west of the Mississippi.  Click link for story.

A Hay Farmer becomes a Game Maker

               Tony Aceti is a hay farmer who bet that a game originally designed by his mother before her death would be very popular.  The game, Word Roulette, was how Rose helped Tony when he fell behind in spelling as a young child.  As a boy growing up on a [...]

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A Prolific Family Farm

            Carl                          Nancy                   Vince (Carl's son)Carl and Nancy Hendricks, and their children, represent the fifth and sixth consecutive generations to carry on their rich family tradition of farming in Stayton, Oregon. [...]

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Two Snooty Chefs who make great spice blends!

Chris Plemmons & Gary FullerGary & Chris, of Gig Harbor, Washington, created Two Snoot Chefs line of gourmet herb and spice blends and Sweet & Spicy Chocolate Bars specifically for the discriminating connoisseur.Gary is a retired program manager and culinary arts instructor at West Sound Technical Skills Center. He has held this position for 24 years. [...]

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Delicious, fresh farm to table haute sauces made in small batches in Portland

Sarah Marshall started her sauce business from her home kitchen. Her love for canning and preserving local ingredients lead to a beautiful and tasty product line. She recruited her husband, Dirk, to chop and prep all the produce. The business quickly outgrew their home and they now run out of a commercial kitchen in [...]

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The softest, melt in your mouth caramels in a delicious set of flavors!

 When we first tried Sherry's caramels our reaction email back to her was: "OMG, these caramels are amazing! They melt in your mouth, don’t stick to your teeth, and the flavors are quite interesting – often unexpected."Sherry and Bill use the freshest ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible, and make their caramels in small batches.What started in [...]

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Pasture-Raised Free Range Duck Eggs, Direct to You!

Click here to see productsMail Order duck eggs are now available and are SHIPPED Priority Mail THE DAY THEY ARE LAID. (most grocery store eggs are at least 45 days old)Joe & Ellen Nieslanik live on their 160 acre sheep ranch in Scio, Oregon.  There, they also raise ducks and doves.White River’s ducks are free ranging, eating grass [...]

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Designs in pewter that stimulate conversation

Maurice Milleur makes designs that spark conversation. They have enduring value and are made in easy care, highly polished, lead-free pewter. He meticulously sculpts the design in wax, from which he makes a bronze model through the technique called “lost wax casting”. This is a process by which a duplicate metal sculpture is [...]

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Organic Trailbars for your hiking energy & nutrition

Jason and Tony Pastega, and their father Denny Pastega, started and run SKOUT Organic.   Jason and Tony grew up in Tillamook, Oregon, an area known for its connection to the land and abundance of outdoor activities [not to mention its cheese]. Denny also owns the incomparable Blue Heron French Cheese Company, which is a [...]

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Does your BBQ meat need a little extra flavor?

Joel Autry's passion for BBQ sauce was inspired by his childhood recollections of summer family BBQs.  He wasn't always in charge of the meat, so he started to "doctor up" the store bought sauces his family would buy.  Eventually, the "doctoring" evolved into this from-scratch, tasty, home-style recipe!Click here to see his sauce   [...]

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