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A Hay Farmer becomes a Game Maker

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Tony Aceti is a hay farmer who bet that a game originally designed by his mother before her death would be very popular.  The game, Word Roulette, was how Rose helped Tony when he fell behind in spelling as a young child.  As a boy growing up on a ranch in Oregon, he was more interested in trying to dig to China and take apart lawn mowers than he was in spelling.

So his mother invented a game where they sat at the kitchen table spelling words after spinning a roulette wheel with letters rather than numbers.  Tony says "I needed a hook - I learn by doing, not by reading a book."  His mother's game was just what he needed to motivate him toward spelling.

After his mother passed away from breast cancer, Tony worked on multiple versions of the game until he perfected it and decided it was ready for others to play.

Word Roulette is played by spinning four silver balls in the wheel which land on vowels, consonants or letter combinations such at "th",

Players compete to spell as many words as possible with the letters from each spin.

Faster than Scrabble, a bit like Bingo, as creative as Picasso!

Imagine the FUN of having your own WORD-ROULETTE…Game Night.

People of all ages enjoy playing, including students, like Tony, who want to improve their spelling skills.

After perfecting Word-roulette, Tony went to design a second game, Lucky Farms, which plays to his experience as a hay farmer. Plant your own farm, "Cash In" and reap a WindFall Harvest!  Every spin allows you the chance to build and grow your farm, or collect your neighbor's stuff.  You may get lucky, or you may get wiped out by a Tornado!  Action, Luck and Deals keep you going.  A family friendly game for game night, as a special gift or for holiday gatherings.