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  • Cranberry Gift Pack

Northwest Cranberry Gift Box

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A 12 oz jar of CranberryPreserves
A 12 oz jar of Cranberry Sauce
An 11 oz jar of Cranberry Fruit Syrup, and
A 17 oz bag of Cranberry Orange Scone Mix

Packaged in a glossy gift box.

Cranberry is a small, evergreen shrub grown along the Oregon and Washington coasts.  Our mild climate enables growers to keep fruit on the vine long after other growing regions have completed their harvest. This extra time allows northwest cranberries to fully mature, resulting in darker, sweeter premium vine ripened cranberries.

The cranberry is one of North America's three native fruits that are commercially grown. Cranberries were first used by Native Americans, who discovered the wild berry's versatility as a food, fabric dye and healing agent.

The name "cranberry" derives from the Pilgrim name for the fruit, "craneberry", so called because the small, pink blossoms that appear in the spring resemble the head and bill of a Sandhill crane. European settlers adopted the Native American uses for the fruit and found the berry a valuable bartering tool.

American whalers and mariners carried cranberries on their voyages to prevent scurvy.

Cranberries are a unique fruit. They can only grow and survive under a very special combination of factors: they require an acid peat soil, an adequate fresh water supply, sand and a growing season that stretches from April to November, including a dormancy period in the winter months that provides an extended chilling period, necessary to mature fruiting buds.

Contrary to popular belief, cranberries do not grow in water. Instead, they grow on vines in impermeable beds layered with sand, peat, gravel and clay. These beds, commonly known as "bogs," were originally made by glacial deposits.


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